About Jedediah


Married to My Wonderful Wife

My wife Kyndall and I have been married for almost 7 years now! My wife grew up in Laurel Montana and received her degree from Montana State University in Business Management. She is an incredibly smart and driven entrepreneur who loves the outdoors and will even occasionally out fish me!  We are now parents of two young’uns, and fatherhood has been a blast!

IMG_0236History & Fish and Wildlife Management

Growing up in the small logging and ranching town of Philipsburg Montana, gave me the greatest opportunity to become your typical “Montana Boy.”  There was not a whole lot to do other than hike, hunt, fish, and just enjoy the outdoors, but that was all right because they have remained my passion in life.  It was during my early teens that I discovered my interest in fisheries biology, and I jumped at any opportunity to volunteer with the local Forest Service to assist the fisheries crew with their field work. Solely because of my interest and relentless volunteering, at the age of 17, I was offered a job with the Forest Service. I pursued this career after graduating from High School and attended MSU in the study of Fisheries Management, where I earned my degree. While working in this field of fisheries management (2002-2018) I have worked for two different agencies both state and federal.  fishing0003In addition to this, I have worked in the commercial fisheries industry in Alaska. It was good to have gained experience in the private sector on the other end of the spectrum.

Private Sector Experience & Involvements

For the last 23 years I have lived in Gallatin County and have no desire to leave. I cannot seem to find another area with as much to offer as the Gallatin Valley. Over the years here in the valley I have been involved with various campus groups, and have served on the education board of a local Bozeman church. The majority of my work experience is actually in the private sector. I have worked as a taxidermist for over 20 years and currently own my own business in the Belgrade community. In addition, my wife and I run a seasonal business where we sell semi-loads of fresh peaches roadside all across the state!

As a business owner, I understand firsthand, principles such as how a free market will drive down costs, how lower taxes and less red tape will allow a business to expand, and when businesses are able to expand, more jobs and a stronger Montana economy will be created!

 I strongly believe in the “American Dream” where freedom reigns and every citizen has the right and opportunity to pursue happiness and success. I believe that my work and life experience on different ends of the spectrum has equipped me to bring a broad knowledge base and balanced approach to Montana’s issues.  

Political Experience

My political experience includes a run for the State House in 2010, and a successful run for the State Senate in 2014 whereby I was elected. Another successful run for the House of Representatives in 2020 and 2022.  During my runs for both the House and Senate I gained much knowledge as to what issues affect the residents of Gallatin County, as I had knocked on literally tens of thousands of doors and have had thousands of conversations with my constituents.

As a Senator

While serving in the Montana State Senate, upon beginning my second session, I was selected for leadership!  Due to my work experience in fish and wildlife management, and my involvement as an avid sportsmen and outdoor enthusiast, I was selected to be Vice-Chair of the Senate Fish and Wildlife Committee, and Co-Chair and founder of the Montana Legislative Sportsmen’s Caucus.  Until starting the Sportsmen’s Caucus, Montana was only of one three states without one!!

I Have Served On These Committee’s

*Vice-Chair Senate Fish and Wildlife, Vice-Chair House Fish and Wildlife

*Senate Natural Resources

*House Natural Resources

*Senate and House Judiciary

*Future Fisheries Advisory Council

*Co-chair of the Montana Legislative Sportsmen’s Caucus

*House Transportation Committee

*Environmental Quality Council Interim Committee

* Chair of the Legislative Administration Committee

* Legislative Special Select Committee on Districting

*Member of the Montana Freedom Caucus

Serving in the Montana Legislature has been an incredible experience and is definitely one of the most unique and challenging endeavors in my life.  I have served Four regular legislative sessions and one special session.   Every session poses its own unique challenges and learning curve. Representing my neighbors in Belgrade and the surrounding area in the House of Representatives has been a pleasure and I certainly cherish all that I have learned.

P1010478In addition I have been elected to serve in the Republican Central Committee (Gallatin Republicans) as the State Committee man. I’ve attended multiple state conventions, serving on the platform committee, and as a delegate to the State Convention who’s duty was to vote on delegates for the National Convention.  In the Republican Central Committee, I also served on the executive board, and nomination committee for the Central Committee offices.