Core Values



Over and over I keep hearing the phrase, “We need good people in office.” Everyone is tired of hearing about the corruption in government. We are tired of the backroom deals, the back stabbing, and twisting of the truth. We are also tired of offering our votes to those who promised to represent our values, only to have our values sold out when that individual enters office.

Trust in our elected officials seems to be on the decline. These are the feelings from friends, family, and random individuals I meet.  Before I had entered pubic office I had asked these questions:

  • Is there too much pressure?
  • Is it not possible in office to be a man or woman of honor who will keep their word?

Upon entering office, I have realized that there are many men and women of honor currently holding an office. I realize that there are those, however few they may be, that do keep their word. They are not swayed by special interest and bribes, and they are people of principle. So it is possible.

I have decided in my life I have the ability and the opportunity to be the man in government that I want to have represent me. I’ve realized that I have the ability to make the impact that I desire to be made. I believe in order to be a man or woman of fortitude, we must have a set of core values, not that we plan on establishing in office, but rather a set of values tried and true that we live out on a daily basis. If we conduct these values when nobody is watching, we will be better prepared to enter the atmosphere of our elected offices.

My core values consist of:

  • Transparency and Personal Accountability – In my life I follow a creed. When I do what is right I have nothing to hide and have every reason to be transparent.
  • Integrity – I believe Integrity is doing what you say you are going to do even when the matter looks insignificant. In my life, I strive to be a man of Integrity and I greatly desire to represent the State of Montana as this man.
  • Honesty – If you have nothing to hide and no ulterior motives, honesty should come natural. Honesty will require speaking the truth even when it is unpopular.
  • Respect– Respect is something you earn, however respect is something you extend. I desire to respect those who oppose me, and earn friendships rather than make enemies. Influence is gained by treating people right not making enemies out of them.
  • Fortitude and Consistency – fortitude is standing on your principles and values even when it is unpopular and times get tough. Being a man of fortitude and consistency will allow people to trust me because they know exactly where I stand and who they have elected.
  • Honor – When all these values are in place, we become men and women of honor. I look forward to representing Montana as a man of honor. A man who is characterized by integrity, and a man who is consistent in actions and principles, gaining the trust of Montanans.